What to do When You Get Sick in College

              I have recently been through my first experience with Influenza A. AKA: the flu. “Flu shot” has been written on my to do list for weeks now, and each time I looked at it, I told myself, “Oh, you can do that next week. You have more important stuff right now, like writing an article for the Trojan Times.” My procrastination made me pay. I’ve been sick in college for a day or two, but nothing like this. My pain is your gain – here’s what to do when you get sick in college. 


1.) Going home to mom and dad can be the best medicine. 

        Yes, you are out on your own. However, getting sick takes its tole pretty fast. Mom has all the meds in the world, and dad makes the best chicken noodle soup. You have your own bed to rest in, and it is quiet. What could be better? If mom and dad’s place is not ideal to travel to when sick, pick a close family friend or good friend’s place to go to that would be quiet – you need lots of rest. 


2.) Use one of your three “free” Madison clinic appointments.

       Did you know you get three “free” Madison clinic appointments a semester? Ya, me neither until I actually got sick, and went to the Madison clinic. Apparently, it is already included into your tuition. So, no, not free, but it feels like it. The appointment itself won’t cost anything, but any prescribed medications will. 


3.) Be sure to notify professors and bosses. 

       Keeping consistent and honest communication with professors and bosses is essential – especially when you are going to be absent. If they are decent human beings, they will understand. Hint: Be sure to ask if there is anything that you need to make up or what was discussed in class. 


4.) Hit up the C-store for the basics. 

        The C-Store next to Einstein’s has your basics for when you are sick – cough drops, Tylenol, etc. While you are there, grab your guilty pleasure foods to make you feel better. Use that “free” flex to pay for it all. 


5.) Chicken and dumpling soup at Mochavino. 

         I swear by this stuff. Order a mug of it, and it will leave you feeling warm and full and better in no time. Only order this stuff if you don’t have access to your dad’s homemade chicken noodle soup, though. 

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