What to Wear for Halloween

It’s almost Halloween and you still don’t know who or what you’re dressing up as? There’s no need to fear. Here’s a list of ideas on what you could be for Halloween. 

1. Rick and Morty

Since Rick and Morty is still going strong after finishing their third season, why wouldn’t you want to dress up as a genius and his grandson; especially when you can put your own unique spin on the duo and add to their multiverse. Even if literally everyone dresses up as Rick and Morty, it still makes since because the multiverse thing.

2. Classic Movie Characters

I mean who doesn’t want to walk around the town like Maverick and Goose from Top Gun, or Danny and Sandy from Grease.

3. Nintendo Characters

With Mario Odyssey just releasing you might be thinking you should throw on some overalls, groom your ‘stach, and put on a cap. Well, if you want to be Mario, go for it, but remember that there are plenty of other Nintendo characters to choose from too like Link, Samus Aran, or a Pokemon trainer.

4. Classic monsters

Kid (Dying Inside): “Help me”

As the saying goes if it isn’t broken don’t fix it. Whether it be Freddy, Jason, or even Frankenstein, these monsters know just how to scare you for Halloween.

5. Einstein Bro



Now I know what your thinking, ” the scientist, but a bro?” The answer is no. We’re talking about the bagel shop since it’s the go to hub and even a hero of sorts for many students and professors who go there to get their breakfast, lunch, or just some coffee. So dress up as one of the Einstein bros with your bro friend or actual bro. 

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