You Know You Go To DSU When…..

Whether we proudly proclaim or shyly admit it, our university  is a highly unique one. Therefore, you know you go to DSU when……

  • You can walk across the entire campus in 2 minutes. 


  • Your professors know your first and last name and where you are from. They most likely know far more than that too. 


  • If you don’t game, you are the odd one out. 


  • If you are able to recognize Prof. Richardson’s booming baritone voice over the phone when he calls the place you work at. 


  • If you can never find a green OR blue parking spot that’s open


  • If Classic Corner employees know you by name


  • When you babysit for one of your professors


  • If you have “your table” in the TC


  • If you can hear construction out your dorm room window all day long. 

    The steel bones are up for the new Beacom Tech Center. Still capture taken 11/4/16 from live feed of DSU construction.
  • If everyone leaves on the weekends. 


  • If you’ve never set foot in the Smith – Zimmerman Museum (You know that building in between Higbie and the Physical Plant. Ya, highly interesting place and worth a look.) 


  • If you choose to keep paying the $390 a semester for your Fujitsu, because buying a new one is too expensive and buying the whole Fujitsu is too expensive as well. (Disclaimer: Hey, at least the 3 hard drives I have been through were “free” through computing services. However, I am still confused as to why a little, plastic broken audio jack connected to the motherboard (?) cost me $795 out of pocket my freshman year. I still slightly get anxious whenever I have to go to Lowry.) 


  • If you’ve ever wanted to see for yourself if Beadle Hall is haunted, so you borrowed a friend with after hours access to Beadle, and you waited for a good portion of the night to hear any ghosts or weird happenings. 


What are some other DSU commonalities that you can think of? 

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