Publishing for New Media Hard at Work on New Tricks

Publishing for New Media 2015

It’s that time of the year again, the time to show off your writing, artwork, videos, audio, animation, and photography to your fellow students in DSU’s literary Magazine, New Tricks. The Publishing for New Media class has been hard at work setting up the website and getting everything prepared for submissions from you, the writers, the artists, the photographers, the animators, the musicians, and the video designers. We need your submissions to make this magazine happen and to showcase the talent that is being housed at Dakota State University. You are free to submit your work to [email protected] until March 30th in order to have a chance to be showcased on the New Tricks website and in our physical magazine that will be printed at the end of the semester.

Publishing for New Media and Sigma Tau Delta are looking forward to seeing your work and getting started on creating this year’s copy of New Tricks. Start typing, drawing, editing and taking pictures for this year’s New Tricks right now.