10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Check Out at the Mundt Library

By: Nelofar Sultan

1.) DVDs

Be that movies, TV shows or documentaries, DSU library has it all and you can check them out for up to two weeks! Many are modern movies as well.

  1. Research Paper Help

There are many physical and electronic books that you can access from anywhere. Just ask the librarian if you don’t know where to start researching for your research paper. They are of a great help.

Those online databases can be quite tricky to navigate as well – librarians will help you make sense of them.

  1. Best-Seller Books

There are so many new and old best seller books that are available for students. If you find that the library does not have the book you looking for, you can always suggest the librarian to buy or order it for you. (Did we mention how great the library is?)

  1. Projectors

Yes, you can certainly check out projectors for your club meetings. You just need to make sure it is checked out by one of the officers of your club.

  1. Cameras and Camcorders

I was in awe when I first found out! If you need to record something for your class and your cell phone’s camera just won’t do, it, library cameras are there for you!

  1. Audio Books

I know for some people, it is a lot easier to listen to a book than to spend hours reading it. If you are one of those people, it is the best resource for you. Make sure you find out if the library carried that audio book, if they don’t, ask them if they could order it for you; you will save a lot of money!

  1. Vinyl/Laser Discs

Yeah, yeah. Believe it or not, the library has Vinyl and Laser Discs! It may be a thing of the past; you can still check them out of the DSU library!

  1. Headphones

If you working in the library and you forgot to bring your headphones with you, guess what you can do!? Yes, you can check out headphones from the front desk of the library and use them for up to four hours!

  1. Wireless Amplifiers

I have never used one before, hey, it’s there for you to use you ever think you need to use one!

  1. Markers

Yes, you can borrow simple things like markers and pens too.


In short, our DSU Karl E. Mundt library is a goldmine of resources waiting for students to utilize them.

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