College Student Starvation? Not With This Article!!

How many of you are sick of eating spicy ramen, and C-Store frozen pizzas? Be honest. These are, of course, viable ways to fill your belly on a budget, but having variety and spice doesn’t have to break the bank! Here are 5 recipes that are around $10 or $15 to cook each! The recipes that I will be listing below are especially focused on keeping the price to a minimum, so if you have a bit more time and resources, feel free to customize to your personal liking! *All of the ingredient prices are coming from the Sunshine Foods Website

1: Ceaser Salad!

You can never go wrong with a classic! And talk about a time saver as well! Ceaser Salad requires no cooking time, minimal prep, and, if you’re careful, you’ll only have to clean up one dish afterward! There are also several ways to customize your salad, add or take away ingredients as you please! – Romain lettuce – $4.79 (unbagged salad, will require chopping) – Croutons – $0.99 (Best choice crouton stuffing mix) – Parmesan cheese – $1.89 (Best Choice, Grated) – Dressing – $2.50 (Kraft Classic)

And just like that, you have a cheap meal for $10.17 (plus tax)

2: Creamy, Garlic Chicken!

Although this will take a bit more prep, and cleaning work, it is a meal that will keep you full, energized, and will be sure to have leftovers! A college kid’s dream! Start by sauteing your smashed garlic in a hot pan, drizzled with oil. Cook until the garlic is warm and smells delicious, then add in your broth and heavy cream. You shouldn’t need to use very much – just enough to plop your chicken in and have it fully coated! After the sauce is hot, add your seasoned chicken, and cook until 164F! (This is very important! Medium-rare chicken does not exist, do not undercook your chicken!) – Chicken – $4.99 (Single boneless chicken breast) – Garlic – $1.17 (Single Bulb) – Vegetable Oil – $2.69 (Best Choice) – Chicken Broth – $1.19 (Always Save Chicken Broth) – Heavy Cream – $4.09 (Best Choice) – Seasoning – $1.59 (Sun Bird Seasoning Mix)

Coming in at just under $16 per serving, this is sure to have your dorm-mates wishing they can sneak a bite in!

3: Chili Mac and Cheese!

Taking a new spin on something that all uni students are sick to death of is a great way to both save a few pennies, while also cooking something delicious, and pretty simple! This one is bound to get a little messy, but is certainly worth it! Brown your onion and smashed garlic in a pan, and then add in your ground beef until the color has completely changed. Drain most of your grease and fat, but keep in a little, then add in your tomato sauce. In a separate pot, cook your Mac and Cheese as you normally would. After you drain your noodles, plop them into the pan with the ground beef, and sprinkle the cheese sauce over everything.

– Onion – $1.99 (Best Choice, Chopped) – Garlic – $1.17 (Single Bulb) – Ground Beef – $3.99 (80% Lean Ground Beef) – Tomato Sauce – $0.79 (Hunts) – Beef Broth – $1.19 (Always Save) – Mac and Cheese – $0.79 (Best Choice)

For under $10, you have a fun, filling twist that’s sure to keep you fed for at least two meals!

4: Italian Meatballs or Hamburgers!

Depending on how you shape it, beef can really get you a long way! With the same exact ingredients, you have the choice between these delicious meals! Versatility with your ingredients will get you a long way in uni! You can’t beat pre-seasoned, so instead of just plain ground beef, try out Italian sausage!

Italian Sausage – $4.99 (Sunshine Brand) Breadcrumbs – $1.69 (Always Save) (Used as a binder for meatballs, unnecessary for Hamburgers) Egg – $2.99 (Dakota Layer Medium 1 Dz) (Also Used as a binder for meatballs, unnecessary for Hamburgers)

One of the quickest, cheapest, and easily customizable meals you can get for under $10!

5: Spinach Artichoke Dip!

The final meal for today is an anytime snack, full meal, or party favor, depending on how much of it you make! You can never go wrong with chips and dip! The cooking process is pretty easy as well! You can either dump everything into a slow cooker and let it go while you’re in classes, or pop it into a pot/pan if you need it quick! Just be sure to add your cheese last, and add a lot of it!

– Spinach – $1.59 (Best Choice, Chopped) – Artichoke Hearts – $2.99 (Reese) – Cheese blend – $2.99 (Crystal Farms, Asiago and Parmesan) – Cream cheese – $2.39 (Best Choice) – Mayonnaise – $3.79 (Always Save) – Sour Cream – $1.69 (Best Choice) – Butter – $1.99 (Better Butter) At just over $17, you have just become the envy at everyone else at the football watch party!

I hope these simple, cost-effective recipes can fill your belly while saving your wallet! Customize and accessorize as much as you’d like! Add in, or swap proteins! Canned / bagged shredded chicken is a great addition to any of these meals, and it’s super cheap for a single serving! Add your favorite seasonings, or even completely transform them!

*Special thanks to BudgetByte$.com for the inspiration!*