5 Things To Do Before You Graduate

I will be graduating in May. I knew that I had to apply for graduation, but little did I know, there are a lot of bases I have to cover in order to walk across that stage. There is not a list out there of all that you have to do before you graduate from DSU, so I thought I would break it down for you. 


1.) Complete a degree audit. 

       Have you ever been on WebAdvisor checking grades or enrolling classes, and you have always come across that blue link that states “Apply for Graduation”? I finally had to click that link. (Click here for the link.) It will take you through a short survey that gives the registrar’s office all they need to know in order for you to graduate. Kathy Callies, DSU’s Registrar,  will then email you and let you know if your application was accepted. If you have any questions about anything you must complete before graduation, don’t hesitate to email her at kathy.callies@dsu.edu.


2.) Visit your favorite restaurants one last time. 

       Not required, but you’re sure going to miss that Saturday morning breakfast at 2nd Street Diner, or your favorite burger at Stadium. Go out with friends to your favorite spots before you move. My favorite spot? I can’t believe I am giving this secret away, but my favorite restaurant is Sportsman’s Steakhouse and Lounge. It’s underground which automatically gives it a cozy vibe. I go to the bar area there, because it’s even more secluded in there. Their Chislic is cheap and amazing. When you get there, just don’t sit in the third chair from the right – I’ll most likely be there. 


3.) Reserve tickets for the graduation ceremony. 

        Each graduate is guaranteed 4 tickets. However, when the Graduate Office sends out the large graduation email, they have a survey in there where you indicate how many tickets you would like. The first 100 people to fill out that survey may reserve an additional 2 tickets. 


4.) Get that cap and gown. 

         Yes. You have to dish out more money just to walk across a stage and receive your diploma, even though you have already dished out thousands over the course of four years. $35 will get you your cap and gown for a Bachelor’s degree. (Click here to purchase your DSU cap and gown.)


5.) If you borrowed loans, complete your loan counseling.  

         Yes, I apologize – just another thing to add to your growing list of things you must complete before you graduate. (Click here to complete your loan counseling exit interview.) If you have any questions at all about this process, you may contact DSU’s Business Office Asst. Controller Kristi Voss at krist.voss@dsu.edu. 

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