Current Authors

Gabriel Salles – Graphic Artist

Gabriel Salles is a double major in computer science and game design. He speaks two languages and enjoys watching food videos and Brooklyn 99 in his free time. He loves birds, and never plays video games because he doesn’t have time. His favorite colors are blue and pink.

Jessi Giles – Sports Reporter

Jessi Giles is the Sports Reporter from Madison, SD. Jessi’s major is English for New Media. She is a member of both the women’s basketball team and track and field team at Dakota State. Go Trojans!

Mark Eisenbraun – Technology Reporter

Mark Eisenbraun is a Cyber Leadership and Intelligence degree major with a specialization in world affairs. He is involved with the AdapT lab and PriLab in the Madison Cyber Labs. Mark also participates with Students for the Exploration and Discovery of Space.

Rachel Bruntz – Roving Reporter

Rachel Bruntz is an English for New Media major. She lives for ironic hipster phrases and trends. She hopes one day to own a typewriter keyboard. She cannot cook, and communicates better on paper than in person.

Jaclynn Rogers – Assistant Editor

Jaclynn is a fourth-year English for New Media student. She has a passion for music, both listening and playing, and for storytelling in all its forms. Her hobbies include drinking coffee and thinking about dogs.

Seth Fleming – Editor

Seth is a Computer Science major from Sioux Falls, SD who enjoys long walks on the beach, watching cartoons on the television, and piggyback rides. He enjoys woodworking and 3D designing in his free time.