Current Authors

Naomi Vonkeman – Editor-in-Chief

Naomi is a junior in the Digital Arts and Design program with an emphasis in computer graphics. She is passionate about art, photography, and people, as well as books, music, cats, and well, maybe she just gets excited about a lot of things! When she’s not playing board games with her friends or taking pictures of the sunset at Lake Herman, she’s probably talking about the Hamilton musical or her favorite author, Brandon Sanderson.

Mark Eisenbraun – Technology Reporter

Mark Eisenbraun is a Cyber Leadership and Intelligence degree major with a specialization in world affairs. He is involved with the AdapT lab and PriLab in the Madison Cyber Labs. Mark also participates with Students for the Exploration and Discovery of Space.

Phusuda Baah – Arts & Entertainment Writer

Phusuda Baah is a fourth year Graphic Design student. She is passionate about people, photography, and Jesus. You can usually find Phusuda at a coffee shop working or with friends. If you don’t find her there, she’s probably eating or watering her plants.

Logan Means – Roving Reporter

Logan Means is an Elementary Education major from El Paso, Texas. He is a full-time student and competitive Latin Ballroom dancer on the side. Logan spends his time writing essay long text messages and complaining about the cold. His favorite color is green, and his favorite sibling is mean.

Gabriel Salles – Comic Artist

Gabriel Salles is a double major in computer science and game design. He speaks two languages and enjoys watching food videos and Brooklyn 99 in his free time. Gabe loves birds, and never plays video games because he doesn’t have time. His favorite colors are blue and pink.

Vinny Campbell – Comic Artist

Vinny is a Digital Arts & Design: Computer Graphics major. He enjoys video games, Dungeons & Dragons, and creating art. During his free time, he can usually be found in his dorm playing video games or working on his personal projects.