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DSU Tutoring: An Underused Resource

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                  On the northwest corner of the DSU campus is a magical, magical place. The Mundt Library sits as a two story castle of sorts, filled …

DSU Close-Ups

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The Trojan Times will start posting weekly close-ups of different things at DSU. Can you guess them all? Here is your first one! Comment below if you think you know what this is! 

4 Things To Do on a DSU Weekend

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                The DSU campus is a little quieter and a little emptier. There are actually a few green parking spots in front of the halls open, and the eating line is actually doable to …

4 Ideas for Late Night DSU Student Shenanigans

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             With Madison being one of the smallest (if not, the smallest) college towns in South Dakota, there is not much to do for late night activities. One has to be crafty and creative …

5 Monday Mood Boosters for the Typical DSU Student

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Ah, Mondays. The mangler of weekend’s end. The monster of the week’s beginning. The menace that men have groan to loathe. Here are 5 ways your mean Monday can become a little easier.    …

DSU’s Unity Vigil for Foreign Community: A Reminder that We Are Family

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Last Wednesday evening, February 1st, DSU faculty, staff, and students held a candlelight vigil in response to President Trump’s executive ban on immigration from several different countries. The vigil was held outside of the …

Where Oh Where Are the DSU Offices?

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          Over the last two weeks, I have had to call certain DSU offices ahead of time just to know where they are at. I found this frustrating after I …

New Tricks at DSU: Submit Your Own Work to be Published!

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Upon its release this April, DSU’s literary magazine, New Tricks, will be turning 26 years old. Submissions for this year’s edition are now open. If students, faculty, or alumni would like to submit any …

5 Reasons to Attend a DSU Activities Fair

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Last Wednesday, January 25th was the once-a-semester event at DSU titled Activities Fair. It is where all campus clubs and organizations get a chance to showcase themselves in an authentic setting — face-to-face. So, …

Second Semester, Second Chance

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If, like me, the first semester of the new school year seems to sometimes be a trial run for you, then there is hope. A second semester equals a second chance.  Retake that ‘D’ …