DSU Hypnotized

On Monday night, DSU students got the chance to see a presidential press conference, go to a party, see the next Avengers team assemble, and be the studio audience of a game show. All this was done without students leaving their seats, thanks to hypnotist Chris Jones. While this was his third year at DSU preforming his show, he still managed to provide an engaging experience for the whole audience. Before the hypnotizing even began, he talked with several students in the audience, putting those with fears about hypnotism at ease, searching for people with interesting laughs, and even joining in on people’s texting conversations.

Putting the audience at ease proved not to be a challenge for Chris, and neither did getting a group of participants for his show. Unlike years past where he would take volunteers from the audience, Chris did his act on the whole audience and had over a dozen people hypnotized. He then asked those hypnotized to join him on the stage as they began the show, which ranged from having a laser tag war with the guys, and a family feud game with the gals. While each show is different, this year’s show took a dirtier tone than shows past, but this did not prove to be much of an issue as the crowd roared with laughter and Chris himself doubled over from laughing several times.

The show proved to be entertaining beginning to end, with hypnotized people riding on the world’s most dangerous rollercoasters, nearly a dozen guys gave birth to baby (which received names such as Walker and Nick Jr.) and one guy slowed danced with the recently crowned Homecoming Queen, Annalesha Kalis. One of the highlights of the night was when all the hypnotized students became super heroes, including the popular Trojan Man, Keagen Scheler. Afterwards, he and several others who had been hypnotized stated that the experience was hard to describe, and could best be summed up as “being there, but not being there.” However, all of those agreed that they felt well rested afterwards, just as Chris Jones said they would.

While the hypnotized students may have had issues describing the night, those who attended found it to be an entertaining evening with memories that will last the whole semester—as well as hilarious videos and pictures of their friends that will last much longer.

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