DSU is Fashion Forward

Cortney Slaight

Rather than another article about what’s hot and where to get it, I thought it would be fun to mix things up. There is plenty of fashion inspiration right here in Madison. I hunted down a few stylish dressers on campus to ask them a few questions. 1) What is your favorite store? 2) What is your favorite trend right now? 3) What is thee must-have item in your closet that you could not live without? These were there responses:

  • Jacki Hartman

Sioux Falls, SD

Jacki Hartman

Favorite Store: Aerie

Favorite Trend: Boots and Stockings

Must-Have Item: Jacket – “I never dress temperature appropriate so I have to have jackets.”




  • Leigh Hollenbeck

Estelline, SD

Leigh Hollenbeck

Favorite Store: American Apparel

Favorite Trend: Black accessories –  “I really love the look of gray tights with black wedges and black accessories in general right now.”

Must-Have Item: Pencil skirts






  • Alex Delzer

Madison, SD

Alex Delzer

Favorite Store: PacSun

Favorite Trend: Bermuda shorts

Must-Have Item: “my Chucks” (a.k.a. Converse)








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  • Phil Carmody

Sacramento, CA

Phil Carmody

Favorite Store: PacSun

Favorite Trend: Oversized watches

Must-Have Item: Fitted hats








  • Galacia Barton

Webster, SD

Galacia Barton

Favorite Store: Kohl’s

Favorite Trend: Scarves

Must-Have Item: Mukluks – “They’re comfortable and I can throw them on with just about anything”

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