DSU Music Program Under the Direction of Sandy Champion- Part II

Last semester, I interviewed Sandy Champion to find out more about DSU’s wonderful music program.  I was so impressed and interested in it that I decided to write once more about the program!  If you read my last story then you know how wonderful the music program is, and how much it’s growing.  This wouldn’t be possible without the help of DSU Live and the students that make events happen.  This is great for the music program to help them get noticed not only by the students but also by the community.

Sandy said there isn’t as much going on this semester as there was last semester.  There are definitely still opportunities to get involved with music this semester though.  Students who like to sing can participate in Music at Noon.   It’s a great opportunity for soloists or students taking voice lessons to have a chance to perform what they have been working on. There was one Tuesday, the 12th of February.  Sandy says she will try to do one of these once a month.

Music at noon was an option last semester and the students really enjoyed it.  There is a 6:00 Wednesday night class for vocalists who are more serious and want to sing solos.  There will also be DSU Student Night at Mochavino February 22nd between 7-9 pm.  DSU students will perform from 8-9. They will be performing pieces they have been working on, and I’m sure it will be great!  I’m encouraging everyone who loves music to go!  I also strongly encourage you to attend the choir concert on April 28th at 3:30pm at the Playhouse.  If you can’t make that performance they are also going to perform in the underground at 7:00pm.  Your support would be awesome and you will be able to hear many talented singers!

I asked Sandy what she would like to accomplish this semester.   She really wants to do something acapella.  Most of us have heard of the movie Pitch Perfect. (If you haven’t, I highly recommend watching it.)  I think it would be very cool if students had the opportunity to sing acapella.  This just shows us even more how lucky DSU is to have such a wonderful director that wants to bring new things to the music program, and really wants students to have fun singing.

Another thing she would like to accomplish this semester is to continue to have more opportunities to sing for things.  The choir was asked to sing at the suicide prevention night event and would like more opportunities to sing for other events.  As I mentioned in my first article, Sandy would like to go toward the music industries.  She would like to have a music minor created where people would be able to learn more about what the music industry is about, and also building off of what they already know how to do.

There are also some changes being made this semester.  Matthew Mallard, Tawny Jones, Ethan Shafer, Dustin Stage, and Megan Fredberg are graduating this year.  All of these students are involved in pep band.  Sandy says they are very talented and will be missed next year.  There are also a lot more guys in concert choir this semester.  There was only three and now there are nine.  All of them are very talented.

I hope everyone will be able to attend some, if not all, of the events I mentioned.  I predict that the music program will grow even more tremendously than it is now.  The program brings so much to DSU and I don’t think that some people realize how big of an effect it has on the rest of the school and community.  It makes the school look excellent to possible future students who are looking at DSU.  This wouldn’t be possible without Sandy Champion.

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