Farewell, Marcus Garstecki

As Marcus Garstecki wraps up his time at DSU as Vice President for Student Affairs, he shared with the Trojan Times some of what he has experienced in his time here, where he is going next, and what he is looking forward to in his new position.

Since his arrival on DSU’s campus in July of 2014, Marcus has played a part in various aspects of DSU’s growth. He oversaw the renovation of the Trojan Center and conversion of the hospital into the Learning Engagement Center, and he was around for the building of the Beacom Institute of Technology, though he was not nearly as involved in that project.

He’s also witnessed a change in the student population of DSU. “I’ve seen the attendance of DSU grow substantially since I’ve been here,” noted Garstecki, “…our incoming freshman class [when I first started] was about 290 students. This year we had 405”.

Garstecki mentioned other areas of growth at DSU that his successor will be taking over, such as the new residence hall that is being planned and the increase in academic scholarship levels coming soon. Both are big and exciting advancements that will greatly impact the lives of students. Something he feels will have a lasting impact on students, though, is the Mad Labs building that is in progress. Not only will it provide a great place of learning for DSU students, but it will also create jobs that DSU graduates could work at.

Marcus has loved playing his part in the progress of DSU these last few years. However, he has most enjoyed watching students excel. “I think the thing I’m going to really miss a lot is the students,” He pondered, “That’s why I love my job. That’s why I’ve stayed in higher education my whole career…these last 4 or 5 years have been so much fun”. He has enjoyed watching students express their passion, whether in clubs, organizations, or athletic teams across campus. He has especially loved working with the Student Senate as their advisor and seeing them grow. In addition to all the relationships with students at DSU that Marcus cares for, he also shared how much he appreciates the staff he worked with, particularly Dr. Griffiths and the Student Affairs staff.

Garstecki will be taking on the Vice President for Enrollment position at Presentation College in Aberdeen after his time here concludes on Nov 1. This position will allow him to be closer to family who live in Aberdeen, but Marcus is also excited for the big things happening at PC that he will get to be a part of.

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