Football’s Spring Season Has Begun

As the season changes from winter to spring many sports teams are gearing up for a new season. The baseball and softball teams are in full swing this time of year and the track team has switched from indoor to outdoor season. These athletic teams have patiently been awaiting the snow’s disappearance.

The football season plays all its games in the fall, except for one. Every year during spring the football team plays a practice game within the team. This year the spring football game is scheduled for April 13th pending any bad weather. The game is a way to showcase all the hard work the team has put in throughout the offseason as they head into summer. Head Coach Josh Anderson said, “Our guys have had a tremendous off-season in the weight room during this long winter. We have seen the results we were hoping for as a staff and now it is time to put that hard work to the test.” The spring season is a good opportunity to test out new ideas for the fall and to prepare both transfers and returning players for the upcoming season.

Photos Taken by Karen Giles

Pracitices for the team officially started on the 24th of March and will continue up until the game. The snow has almost melted off the field, but the majority of practices are still being held in the gym to help preserve the field. Therefore, the Trojans have had to travel to nearby schools in order to practice on a field. The team was able to practice on Harrisburg High School’s turf field on March 27th and at South Dakota State’s indoor field on the 29th. Anderson said, “It has been a long enough wait, but with the weather clearing up just in time we are all excited to get outside and start spring practices.” The whole team is looking forward to getting outside and preparing for the season to start in August.

The Trojans are looking to bounce back from a tough season that resulted in just three wins. The team has been left hungry and unsatisfied all winter long. They enter the spring season ready to prove those who doubt them wrong. With a good balance between experienced and new players the future looks bright. With Spring comes change and new beginnings. As the last of the snow quickly disappears the Trojans hope their losing ways go with it.

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