Knowlton’s Notes: Year in Review . . . with Coffee Recommendations

DSU President Doug Knowlton
It is the end of another semester and it seems like there are many thoughts about the year so far at DSU and about “things” in general.  With our record enrollment and our 5th year in a row honor from US News it felt like the semester was off to a great start.  The visit from Ben Franklin, opening of the renovated Science Center, beautiful weather for homecoming  and no cancellations for snow were wonderful highlights of the semester.  ( I know the snow is a president’s thing)
The holiday break at the end of the first semester brings many memories.  That first time going back home for a prolonged period of time always meant some adjustment with regard to new independence and then suddenly back under parental supervision. There was the sense of exhaustion with the end of the semester and finals etc.  I also remember going through a period of time when I questioned whether I had made the right decision when I picked the University of Denver.  Then there is the end of holiday break and the feeling that I was more than ready to go back and yes I had made the right decision.
Passwords – I have such a difficult time with passwords.  I have different passwords for banking,  special sites issues at work, logging on to the network, personal passwords for shopping from my home computer. I know that I do not do this well as I have some stuck on my computer on yellow sticky notes or in my desk drawer or on small pieces of paper in my wallet.   There has got to be a better way and if anybody has a suggestion please email me – and I will get the message – if I can remember my password that day.

Post-It notes
photo by angelamaphone on; used by Creative Commons license.
Coffee – Man I love coffee and having Myxers directly across from my office is a definite asset.  Caribou Coffee in SF is my favorite place although the new coffee place on Louise Ave.  Coffea is also great place to stop, along with our own Mochavinos here in Madison.  We have one of those Keurig coffee makers at work so there is an endless supply of different types and flavors of coffee.  Yesterday I had one of the Keurig cups that was labeled Jet Fuel – the office was really nervous but didn’t seem to have any mind altering impact on me.  So just to let you in on a secret – yes I love having people come talk to me during my weekly coffee hours but I also do it just so I can sit there and savor the coffee.
Christmas ties – I know friends that have two dozen Christmas ties they wear all during the season.  I have basically 3 and I am determined to find some additional ones.  So far my search has not been successful  but I think I have time to go online to see if I can’t order a couple.
Google or Bing or Whatever – Is there any topic, subject, product or thing that one cannot find when searching the internet these days.  It just amazes me that I can search for something like “TV Christmas Specials” and sure enough there is a whole world of information.  I am truly in awe of this technology and get giddy about the applications – actually getting giddy over information technology is the subject of my commencement welcome scheduled for this Saturday.  So with that commencement thought  – farewell Fall Semester 2010.  Wonder what kind of ramblings 2011 will bring.

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