Nanocon Review: Meme Complex

Last weekend marked Nanocon X, a gaming convention held at the Dakota Prairie Playhouse every year. Over the weekend, hundreds of students and non-students alike swarmed to take part in a game-filled weekend. I was one such person, and I have to say that I was happy to leave thoughts of homework behind for a couple of days. I happily feasted on pizza and puppy chow while I experienced a multitude of different games, all the while ignoring homework assignments for a couple of needed hours.

Once game that I was conned into participating was created by students at DSU. These students were all members of the Game Design Club, and they were tasked to create the game in time for Nanocon. Called “Meme Complex,” the whole idea was to battle members of other factions in hopes of taking their cards as trophies. At the end of the convention the group that had the most “trophies” won the game.

There were three factions one could choose to be a member of upon entering the doors of Nanocon. Blue: The Grammar Nazis Orange: The Game Addicts, and Green: The Troll Cats, were the three ruling factions one could choose. I was a proud member of the Game Addict faction and learned how to play slowly through the weekend. I even got a chance to be tutored in game play by one of the students from the design committee!

Judging by the controls, we’re going to assume Beau Dicus was in charge of the sound system at Nanocon last weekend. Although a game like DJ Hero would fit as well (but the game pad is probably not that complex). Photo by Tiffany Sommer.

While this game requires a lot of people to make it fun and competitive, I think it would be a great game to play at parties or at other conventions like Nanocon. I even heard tale from some of the game designers that they hoped to one day get their inventions published.

The fun I had last weekend will hopefully lift my spirits enough to make it through the rest of the semester full of homework. I’m already looking forward to next Nanocon and hope I’ll get a chance to play “Meme Complex” or another DSU Game Design Club invention again. Perhaps I’ll even be better at it!

Featured photo by Tiffany Sommer

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