Napkins of the Future

Students are inventing new ways to use their tablets and phones to solve problems that have been afflicting society for ages. They are developing updates to replace a seriously outdated technology; unlike our phones which are permanent devices paper napkins are used once and thrown out, adding to the increasing damage to the environment. The need for a permanent solution has plagued our culture long enough. Using coding skills for real world application students are able to develop deeply needed devices and applications that are guaranteed success in the age of Internet of Things devices.

The napkin has fallen out of favor recently as another victim of the paperless environment revival. We replaced our notebooks with our tablets, why shouldn’t we do the same with this archaic paper product? Current tests with tablets show promise, the mess is being cleaned with no other explanation. The current IOT model is a retrofitting of the old paper napkin to fit onto phones. Used in conjunction with other applications it offers additional benefits. This allows for students to play Pokémon Go with “increased tap speed” said one student testing an early model. A smooth table is a necessity for the competitive gaming that is taking place on these pocket computers.

The working name of the technology is My Own Maid and is being developed with internet of things in mind. The students are of course working to allow for one application for both phones and tablet devices.  Ideally this will be able to be coded for uses in other environments as well. The need for this tech in work places, at home, and out and about is going to rely on the IOT dependability. A trendier alternative to paper napkins has certainly been a reality since the application revolution that transpired years ago. Now in the age of internet of things devices there is an option for electronic alternatives.

            Students are busy with class work and this new technology will let them focus on assignments and eliminate the need to worry about messes. It is unacceptable to us paper napkins in this day and age as it is now mandatory to use our smart devices to solve every problem. The ability to clean the mess from a meal while returning straight back to working is a feature that is going to get everyone excited. This technology opens the door for further applications of these features. The potential for these devices to clean messes from clothes and other surfaces is also being tested. It is possible this technology has the potential to shake up industries and possibly eliminate outdated jobs.       

No one should need to clean messes and as a technology school this is exactly the problems we should be addressing. The need for internet connected device to solve every job is important for employers and students. Of course, the best option would be a platform that integrates multiple medias and involves several process. Messes don’t just occur in T.C. so there is an obvious need for the ability to clean multiple surface materials. This technology will help save water and save the university and students money with the ability to eliminate the need to waste paper using napkins.

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