The Making of Arcana

While some are enjoying the button-mashing mayhem of video games to ease the stress of student life, others are learning how to build those games at Dakota State University. Teams of game design students and their professors have been working around the clock for several months on a variety of video games.

The Trojan Times and Publishing for New Media 375 are collaborating to offer multimedia coverage of one such video game.

The Publishing for New Media 375 class is producing a multimedia package for the video game Arcana. Planned for publication is a video, story, slide show, and time line. Created by Dr. Jeff Howard, Travis Till, Pat Gilmore, Landon Anker, and Daryl Bunker, the game is due to launch its beta on March 9.

Being a magic simulator, Arcana is the first video game of its kind. It is pushing the boundaries of what people think about video game magic systems. Those interested in video games, magic, or a unique look at something big going on around campus stay tuned. Look to The Trojan Times for more information on Arcana and its creators March 9th, the same day as Arcana releases in beta form.

Featured photo submitted by Dillon Dwyer