Spending the Holidays in the Dorms

For many, the only thing getting us through finals week is the thought of going home for the holiday break right after. The smell of Christmas cookies in the oven, beautiful lights shinning everywhere at night, Christmas music playing in every store, and the overall joyous feeling that’s in the air remind us of home and family. However, there are a lot of students here at DSU that are not able to go home for the holidays. With the dorms being closed during this time, they really don’t have a lot to do. I interviewed Charu Joserose, one of the international students here at DSU who stayed over break last year. “It is boring, there isn’t a lot to do without a car or a ride anywhere. We find someone to stay with and just do what they do. It would be nice to get to experience the American Christmas tradition because many of us have not gotten to see what that consists of.” After talking with her, I felt horrible. I can’t imagine how lonely it would be to be stuck here in Madison for a month with nothing to do, and not very many people to talk to. So, for those of you who live close by and have an extra spot in your car, I encourage you to invite one of these students over to experience your own family traditions. It would mean a lot anyone stuck here, and provide them with what may be an entirely new experience.

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