The Benefits of a Small University

The media today constantly glamorizes large universities as if you can only be successful by attending a “Big Ten University.” This isn’t always true. In fact, there are plenty of benefits that small universities like DSU have that larger ones lack.

At large universities, students are nothing more than a number. Although this might be what some students are looking for, this is not in the interest of most. With class sizes of 300 or more, it can be hard getting one on one help or building relationships. At a smaller university, class sizes average from 20-30 students. Not only does this help students get to know their classmates, but they are also able to build a relationship with their professors. This is helpful both while attending college and after, as these kinds of connections can aid in getting into future careers. It’s no wonder smaller universities have higher graduation rates and job success.

Another benefit to a small university is the opportunity to meet many great friends. With class sizes so small, students are more than likely to have the same people in multiple classes. It is also very likely to have dorms rooms in the same area. Smaller universities make it easier to meet those lifelong friends that you always hear about finding in college.

Smaller universities are also much safer than large ones. Crime rates at large universities are much a much higher than those at small universities. It’s always nice to feel safe when walking on campus at night alone.

There are plenty more benefits when it comes to smaller universities. These are just the main ones that DSU students provided when interviewed. It’s time that the media stops glamorizing costly “Big 10 Universities,” and starts showing future students the benefits of going to smaller campuses. In the end, most smaller universities provide the same degrees as large ones. So, it’s important to keep an open mind when it comes to choosing the right school.

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