William Henry Harrison Beadle

The Diary of General Beadle: Part 5

Between the last entry and this one, the notes became repetitive and illegible. At times, he seems to be trying to convince himself that he is still in touch with reality and his sanity (though my comrade and I are beginning to challenge this). He wrote “I AM NORMAL” over and over again, though the pen strokes became more distorted with every attempt. Following that note, there are pages torn out and severe water damage on many of the remaining pages.

The next coherent entry reads:

All aghast and yet unsurprised. To describe what I have seen would cost my position. Now that the Mind has been opened to Truth… can I remain to teach as I have for so long? I know…

Tiny bit of scribbles here, then:

much more… though others are not permitted to share in it. For they will not understand…

So his mind has been opened to the truth? What truth, he does not say… or perhaps a greater power is not ALLOWING him to say. Nevertheless, there are blots of ink and splotches of water damage covering the next entry. Note the date (1913) surpasses the ones before it by quite a time span. It should also be understood that he has retired from his teaching position at this point.

Here’s the entry:


It is not to be preached that Man is the oldest or last of earth’s Masters. To claim that Man wanders the Bulk of life alone is to be misguided. They were, They are, They shall be. There is Time and there is Place. Beyond and between these spaces we know is where they lay waiting. Perhaps… a day will come… when Communication can be strengthened between us… for now… I shall continue my research…

Who is “They”? Is there significance in the capitalization? How was he able to communicate with them in the first place, and why does he wish to continue? Knowledge is power, for certain… but at what cost? And WHAT are “They” waiting for? “Beyond and between these spaces we know is where they lay waiting.” Oh, Beadle… if you truly do still exist as a ghost, please come back and tell us what you meant!

The next entry that we will post is Beadle’s last…

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