William Henry Harrison Beadle

The Diary of General Beadle: Part 6

This will be our last post, for we’ve read the last entry in General Beadle’s confusing journal. This last bit has been, refreshingly, the most coherent section since the very first. Upon thorough discussion with my partner, we decided that it might not have been General Beadle that went through this diary and scribbled/ripped parts out. At first, I thought that maybe he was unable to form the proper words on his first take or was ashamed/afraid of what he wrote… But it’s likely these were someone else’s doings. This diary has existed for almost 100 years now… certainly other people have gotten their hands on it.

Keep that in mind while reading this entry:

 I now venture out to discover Them on my own. I know not how They communicate at such distance. For the ocean is Their home. I can not feign comprehension of Their existence. Their presence can be felt everywhere. They are not barred by human understanding. They whistle and They hum in delight of my breathing now. Not long shall I be gone visiting my Daughter. The journey is necessary. Upon my return, I shall regain my duty. Care for this school. I know not who takes my place now… but I shall know if they are not fitting…


 It is followed by a very short and sloppily written snippet:

 It shll be known, aftr my dpartre, whether or not They take me. If They do, They shll keep singing nd laffing, till Time has withered as I have.

The last bit sounds cryptic to me… What was written before it isn’t exactly the most settling thing either, but it is at least written somewhat plainly. The reader should know that General Beadle died when visiting his daughter in San Fransisco. After the first part of these last entries, it seems that he thinks he’s going to return. And why shouldn’t he? Few people know when they’re going to die. The last addition implies that he knew he was taking some sort of strange risk by going out there… and that he didn’t fully expect to return.

It’s impossible to know what General Beadle was talking about when he discusses seeing “They” or where “the ocean is Their home”. I don’t want to be done with this investigation yet, but I’m not sure where else to look. Perhaps, there is something in our library… or in Beadle Hall itself. If anyone has any information, I encourage him or her to comment bellow. I feel more lost than I did before I read this diary. We were hoping for answers… and that’s not exactly what we’ve come away with.

Thank you for reading.

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