Trick-or-Treating in the Halls

Imagine a door with candy behind it – now imagine that there are roughly 150 doors right next to each other with candy behind. That’s what trick-or-treaters will experience tonight in the residence halls at DSU. 

Resident Assistants Nelofar Sultan and Lindsey Pate lend the following wisdom on what trick-or-treating in the halls is all about…


“Halloween in the halls consists of RAs decorating their respective floor and then the hall council decorating the rest of the halls. On Halloween day, children from the community will come to the halls for candy and fun activities that the hall council sets up. So that will happen between 5:30 to 7:30 PM on the 31st. Students of every floor will be handing out candy to the kids provided by hall council of each hall.”

From the looks of that, the students don’t even have to buy their own candy to hand out! 

“The residence halls are preparing for Halloween by decorating their floors with Halloween themed streamers, spider webs and other eye catching decorations. Some residents from each of the halls have volunteered to hand out candy from their rooms from 5:30-7:30pm Halloween night and will be hosting an activity in the main lobby of each residence hall. Richardson Hall is having a photo booth where children can stand in front of our decorated chalk board and have their picture taken. Other carnival like games will be held for the children to enjoy. Trick or Treating in the halls is exciting for not only the children but for these college students. They are excited to hand out candy from their rooms, see the kids all dressed up, and some will even be dressed up themselves! We are all excited to host the activities in the lobbies and have a fun night with some Trick or Treaters!”


Trojan Times wishes everyone a Happy Halloween! 

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