Trojan Reviews: Scream Queens

Imagine there is a party going on at a sorority house. There are drunk college kids downstairs dancing and making bad decisions, while there is a freshman pledge in the upstairs bathroom birthing a baby girl. Her fellow sisters come running when another girl calls them into with the new mother. Instead of getting her help, a few of her sisters decide to go back downstairs, because “their jam is playing.” When the song is over, they go back upstairs to deal with what had happened. They come back up, and they find that the pledge died of blood loss. This is the start of the plot for the new Fox show Scream Queens.

Scream Queens star Emma Roberts, Abigail Breslin, Kiki Palmer, Jamie Lee Curtis, Lea Michele, and Skyler Samuels. If the stars to this horror comedy sound familiar, they should. Roberts is a veteran Nickelodeon star, that got her start on Unfabulous. Palmer was on a Nick show as well. She was the star of True Jackson VP. Anyway, Roberts is also famous for playing the diva witch, Madison Montgomery, on the third season of American Horror Story. She shows up for the fourth as well, but it not a main character like she was in the third season. Roberts is also known for dating Evan Peters, who has been in AHS since the first season. Abigail Breslin is known for her role in Little Miss Sunshine. She played a spunky spirited young girl that wanted to win a pageant with her quirky personality. Recently she has written a book, and before that Breslin was under fire for a song that she wrote about her ex boyfriend that was in a boy band. The eighteen year old tried her hand at breakups, like Taylor Swift. People of the internet did not take to her song like they do with Taylor. Now Breslin plays a ditzy sorority girl. Jamie Lee Curtis is a big star known for her movie roles. Freaky Friday is a movie that most millennials recognize her for. Michele should be known for her role on the hit musical show, Glee. She played the uptight, average looking, Rachel. Lea Michele is known for her work for animal rights, and she is also known for dating her deceased co star, Cory Monteith. Skyler Samuels used to be a Disney star. She was in Wizards of Waverly Place (She played Alex’s bully Gigi.) Samuels also had a roll in Sweet Life of Zack and Cody. The young star is even on the new season of American Horror Story.

First off I want to start with Emma Roberts. She plays the sorority president, Chanel. Her character is just as terrible as her diva witch character in AHS. Both girls take from the world without giving back. They only care about themselves, and they are willing to throw people away if they no longer need them. After Chanel becomes president, she names five of her sisters after her. She renames 4 other girls because she does not want to be bothered with remembering their names. My main problem with Chanel is that she makes a mockery of women. She is not a good role model, and she is reliant on her male counter part that does not treat her with any sort of respect. He treats her terribly, cheats on her, and only uses her when he feels like it is convenient for him. Or he is trying to keep her wanting him. Later in the show, you find out that her so called other Chanel’s are also sleeping with him. They do not seem to mind that they could potentially hurt their sister.

While all this backstabbing and drama is going on, there is a murderer dressed up as a red devil. Grace is a first student who ends up pledging the sorority because her mother was a part of that sorority. The pledge goes snooping, to try to find out information about the sorority she has joined, after Chanel accidently kills the maid. Grace meets the barista who is trying to find evidence against Chanel and her sisters. He believes that there is something truly evil with the sorority. Soon Grace finds out about the baby. She figures that the reason why the red devil is murdering people is because someone is trying to get revenge for what happened to the pledge that died.

The show is supposed to be horror comedy, but so far this is not remnants of much horror. There is always three or more deaths in each episode, but that still feels to be more comedy than horror. That is to be expected of a show that is mocking horror, and greek life. In all the show is not terrible. For now it seems like the plot is growing, and it has a lot of potential to get better.