Upcoming Hall Council Events

Whether you are a new student at DSU or you have been here for three years, you still hit a point when you get homesick or bored. Maybe you wish the school was doing something for Valentine’s Day, or maybe you really want someone to watch the Super Bowl with. Either way, DSU’s Hall Council has you covered. Here is a list of events that will be happening in the resident halls in the next couple of months funded by Hall Council.


The Red Sand Project

Higbie Hall is raising awareness for human and sex trafficking from January 21 to January 27. They are also raising awareness for domestic abuse from January 28 to February 3. There will be an event in the TC underground, so make sure to check the DSU activities post for more information!

Valentine’s Day

During Feburary, Higbie’s Hall Council will be having an event called Kisses and Crushes. You can sign up to send Hershey’s Kisses and a can of Crush to anyone living in Higbie Hall. This will take place during the week of Valentine’s Day which is on February 14. A week after this event, Higbie’s Hall Council will also be providing a Sorrows and Ice Cream event. This is sort of an Anti-Valentines Day event for people who just broke up with their partner, or who just want Ice Cream. Tissues and Ice Cream will be given out at the event.

The Super Bowl

On February 4, students can head to the TC Marketplace to watch the Super Bowl, eat some food, or just hang out! Food will be provided by Sodexo, and Hall Council will be providing games as well as prizes. Whether you watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, the football, or both, you will have a great time!

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