You Know You Go To DSU When…. #2

All in jest, here are some commonalities that are shared by most, if not all DSU students. Read the first “You Know You Go To DSU When” here:

You Know You Go To DSU When…..


  • Fox tails are a common sight.


  • You’ve almost been ran over at the crosswalk…..multiple times. 


  • You think they should just build a dang bridge over the construction, so you could actually walk to class in a semi-straight line. 


  • When you see at least one of your professors every time you go out to eat. 


  • When you know the majority of the people you pass on the sidewalk. 


  • If you’ve seen random socks left on campus lawns. 


  • You stopped paying for your Fujitsu after sophomore year, because it couldn’t hold your gaming storage. 


  • If you aren’t a computer major and/ or don’t like gaming, you are the odd one out. 


  • You see students and certain professors playing video games during lunch in the TC. 


  • If people won’t stop talking about CyberCorps 


  • If you’ve ever set off the book alarms by the front doors in the Mundt. 


  • If you’re freaked out by that naked statue in the first floor of the library. (Rumor has it she used to be clothed for a brief amount of time.) 


  • Being in Lowry makes you want to suffocate from claustrophobia


  •  You’ve most likely never set foot in the TCB


  • If you’ve seen people in Rm 8 in East Hall at 3:00 am. (This one stands for Beadle Hall and the TCB as well). 


   Thank you to Jared and Tyler for helping to inspire bits of this article. 


What are some you can think? Alumni, what were some commonalities to DSU way back when? Post your comments below! 


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