Beacom Brings the Future to DSU and Gives Us One

On August 21, at the start of the new school year, Dakota State University opened its doors to a new building that would, hopefully, bring more recognition and attention to, not only the school, but the students as well. The Beacom Institute of Technology, gifted by Dakota State University Alumni, Miles Beacom, is planned for the use of all students, with a few rooms being specialized for computer game design, animation, and network security administration.

Sophomore Gareth Brewer, a Production Animation major, told us, “[the Beacom Institute] will definitely bring in a lot more students. It makes the school seem more futuristic and more prepared for the future since beforehand it seemed more archaic… It makes me feel like I’m going to an actual university instead of some ancient high-school.”

When asked about how it will affect the Digital Arts and Design majors Brewer responded, “I hope it will bring in more people, but it’s hard to tell. They have new servers and a new animation lab, but I hope.”