Can you make a game in 48 hours? Global Game Jam is almost here!

Get your design cap on Trojans, Global Game Jam is right around the corner!

Kicking off this Friday, GGJ is a worldwide events where professionals and amateurs alike band together to celebrate game development and sleep deprivation.

48 hours to make a game might not sound too difficult at a glance. But, as any former participant can tell you, the event gets extremely hectic

DSU has had the honor of  hosting a venue for the past couple years. And that trend will continue this year.

Despite being of paramount importance to Game Design majors, the event is by no means limited to specific programs. Computer Science, animation, DAD – all majors are welcome and encouraged to attend GGJ.

Global Game Jam is an excellent venue to teach students the value of time and pressure management. After the annual theme is announced, participants spend an hour brainstorming ideas before presenting them to everyone else. Teams are formed around the ideas with the most potential – determined by the greatest amount of participant interest.

This makes it so that a lot of the times, participants will be working with people they haven’t collaborated with before. The ability to work with anyone and everyone is transferable to many different career fields. And it doesn’t look too bad on a resume either.

Above all, though, the greatest gifts GGJ gives to its participants are the games created and relationships formed.

Global Game Jam starts today at 5:00 pm in the Science Center Auditorium and continues till Sunday Afternoon. Make sure to get your homework done ahead of time, if you wish to participate.