Congratulations to Dr. William Sewell

Dr. William Sewell is a well-known professor of English Literature at DSU. Starting out at the University of Central Missouri, Dr. Sewell almost made it to his tenure; however, after careful consideration, he realized that he was not getting what he initially enjoyed from teaching with this job. He quit his job at the University of Central Missouri and transferred to DSU to become an English professor and has rediscovered his passion for teaching. Since coming to DSU, Sewell has had a huge impact in the lives of many students; the passion he has for his job rubs off on the students he teaches. I personally have found a new love for English through his classes.

This semester, while attending his world literature class, I was excited to experience his receiving his promotion and tenure from the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Benjamin Jones. Overwhelmed with happiness, Dr. Sewell decided to push our big class project another week. Dr. Sewell is a great example of pursuing your ultimate dream and not settling for less. Congratulations Dr. William Sewell!