Dakota State University hosts an annual Day of Service in which students volunteer to help Madison’s community. On this day, classes are canceled after 1 p.m. to allow students to participate in various community service projects, such as cleaning ditches, local churches, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars(VFW).

On this same day, DSU Theatre was invited to help out with Day of Services after-party. This celebration serves as an award to DSU students for their willingness to step up and help out. This also provides and fun and safe space for community members to bring their families and have a fun time at DSU. At the after party there were various activities for everyone to do. This included bouncy houses, bean bag tosses, games, hotdogs, pop and so much more!

The Theater club was tasked with providing face painting at the event. At first, we started outside, but with impending weather, we were swiftly moved to the Trojan Center. There we had a steady stream of people of all ages coming to have their faces painted. We had over 200 variety of fun choices for everyone to choose from and a ton of vibrant colors to add to their faces. Additionally, we were joined by another very popular attraction at the after-party: balloon animals.

The balloon animal station constantly had a long line, from the beginning of the after-party to its very end. All the students had to do was tell the balloon artist what animal they wanted. He then took their words and made an exquisite animal. I witnessed circus elephants, bubbly squids, and even a ninja being created! The creativity and dedication of the balloon artist were truly impressive, and it was evident that he loved what he did, bringing joy to everyone.

The Day of Service shows Dakota State University’s commitment to keeping Madison a safe and clean place, not only for the students but for the entire community. It’s a day where service is rewarded with fun and a sense of accomplishment