DSU’s New Ice Rink Has 8-plex Tenants Up in Arms

Over Christmas break, Dakota State University implemented a new ice rink just north of the big blue parking lot. While it used to be a small park, DSU decided that it was better to add the ice rink for the 8-plex apartment’s tenants to enjoy, as most of them are too far from the campus to indulge in other activities that DSU provides.

The Ice Rink is 50x200ft making it just slightly smaller than official Olympic rinks. This has also given the DSU Curling and Bobsled teams a more amenable place to practice and they were overjoyed to hear that a new rink was put in. The new rink also allowed them to practice without competing with the Hockey Team for space. 

Not everyone was happy about this rink though, some 8-plex tenants are angry about where the rink was placed. The reason for this is that many of the students use that area in order to get to their classes. The rink is now forcing them to take a longer path and wake up earlier in order to get to class on time.

“This is ridiculous,” stated one frustrated student, “This rink is making me take 10 minutes longer just to get to my class.”