Mexican Restaurant

The topic of what to eat is something we all deal with every day. The unlimited choices of conceivable meals are only limited by the actual choices of what’s available. To that end, let this serve as your guide for where to eat in Madison.

            Of course, the first choice on the chopping block is the marketplace. After two or three years on campus you may be in a position like this author who finds other options to be cheaper, quicker, and even tastier. The new addition on campus last semester in the form of the Queue does offer some quality food but the common consensus from most students is that there are cheaper places to get a bite to eat. The breakfast options do make an agreeable addition considering it remains the in-house coffee shop.

            Venturing off campus you can find a number of options available, and usually within a short walking distance. Unfortunately the selection for fast food in Madison is relatively sparse. However, what it lacks in choice it attempts to make up by way of consistency. Taco Johns is always a good option for a fast taco at lunch time. The Potato Olés they are famous for are usually make a good choice, so long as you also get a side of nacho cheese. If a burger is more in line for what you’re craving than McDonalds is always a safe bet for a bite to eat. From breakfast to dinner there is always something on the menu for everyone.

            Unfortunately when I say the fast food has consistent quality it goes both ways. Maybe this author just isn’t a fan of Subway, but each time I have eaten at the location here in town I found the food to be below franchise standards experienced elsewhere. For a better sandwich experience I suggest a short jaunt up the road to One Stop. One Stop offers similar menu options but with far better quality. While some options aren’t quite the same the better ingredients make for a far better experience.

            On the other end of town from One Stop is Classic Corner. If you’re looking for anything fried, greasy, or late at night Classic Corner can’t be beat. With Pizza Hut recently closing down this is also one of the only places in town to get pizza and wings. Of course it is only the second-best place for wings next to Stadium, a diner downtown. The traditional bourbon wings at Stadium are definitely something to write home about. A few streets over you can find both The Office and Hot Shots, both of which have excellent options for pizza on Friday nights. On the other hand if you’re looking for Mexican cuisine Los Tapatios can’t be beat. Another downtown restaurant, they offer delicious food served unbelievably fast.

            Obviously, a college campus is nothing without a coffee shop. Which is why it is so fantastic that it has been announced that the king of coffee will soon join our campus. We sadly had to say goodbye to Einstein’s and the coffee experience was unavoidably impeded. Thankfully when the new residence village opens in the fall a Starbucks will open alongside bringing the global brand to this small rural town. Of course this isn’t the only new coffee to come to town. Recently Scooters Coffee opened near Montgomery’s. They offer a quick drive thru experience with all the usual options. I recently went inside for my order and greatly appreciated the warm and inviting atmosphere. However for the ultimate coffee experience in town Sundog takes the cake. Sundog offers a small-town coffee shop feel and the best coffee in town.

            After enough semesters on campus most students come to realize that indeed nothing beats a home cooked meal. That’s what makes Sunshine, the local grocery store, one of the best places to find a bite to eat. Everything from your ramen to mac and cheese to a nice steak and side of asparagus; cooking at home makes almost every meal cheaper. Nothing is better than being in control of the taste and quality of a good cooked meal, except maybe knowing how much you save not going out.