For the last weekend in September, the Sioux Falls Convention Center hosted the 3rd annual SiouxperCon: Return of the Con. The Convention Center was packed full of fiction-loving Midwesterners cosplaying, running booths, and just enjoying themselves. The con had three main attractions: the vendor’s floor, an events area, and guest panel rooms.

Many of the vendors were artists but there were some other vendors like Last Stop, Game Chest, Brookings Books and Comics, and Colorworld Books, a lot of these booths made small talk with the convention participants, effectively making the event awesome. The main stage even held a SiouxperMania wrestling match on Friday. A fan-based Star Wars cosplay group called the 501st Legion, also known as Vader’s Fist, performed a realistic military procedure on Saturday. On Sunday, the Magician, Travis Nye, performed tricks like eating, breathing fire and many card tricks.

The Con’s panel had some featured guests like Jill Thompson, a well-known comic book artist who has done work on Wonder Woman, Black Orchid, The Sandman, Jason Marnocha,  and the voice of Megatron in Transformers: Prime Wars, and also Jon Allen, award-winning comedian, video game voice actor and animated series voice actor for tv-shows like Dragon Ball Z and Hunter x Hunter.




Photos Courtesy of Siouxpercon