The first Friday of February was filled with glitter, glam, and incredible music! Students wearing shimmering ball gowns effortlessly floated down the Trojan Center Hallways, echoed by the distinct clicking of high heels. Pressed, and freshly washed suits accompanied. The TC was a buzz of energy, excitement, and unending compliments! The 2024 Snow Ball was a massive success!

To wrap up “Wizard Week” hosted by the Student Senate and the Student Activities Board, the “Snow Ball” provided a wonderful way to wind down after a week of different Harry Potter-themed activities, including wand-making, stuff-a-wizard, and regular screenings of the movie! The Snow Ball encouraged students of any age, year, and major to dress up, dance, snack, and enjoy each other’s company!

Around two hours before the Ball took place, members of the Student Activities Board, The Student Senate, and briefly, a Trojan Center Attendant, began transforming the Underground into a wintery wonderland, outfitted with fairy lights, a snack table, a DJ sound booth, balloons, and, most special of all, a jelly bean guessing table!

You heard that right! Sitting near the entrance down the stairs, was a trestle table holding a goblet of jelly beans, as well as a few prizes. The “King” and “Queen” of the snowball would be determined by whomever guessed the closest to the correct amount of jelly beans within the goblet! There were a few other prizes given out that night, including, but not limited to, a small PillowPet (won by Derek Mills.) The winner of the King’s Crown politely declined to appear in a photograph, but pictured below, Lili Avina, was the 2024 Snow Ball queen!

With the plethora of students arriving, and dancing their hearts out, the Trojan Center Basement quickly became very warm and crowded, but thankfully, The Student Activities Board and the Student Senate were prepared for such a successful event and had plenty of hydration and snacks! A popcorn machine was stationed downstairs offering a self-serve station of fresh popcorn and flavoring powder, as well as plenty of water bottles, and mini pop cans.

The energy and excitement downstairs were unavoidable, even from upstairs. Students who weren’t aware of the Snow Ball eventually wandered downstairs to investigate and join in the party! The building was filled with great 2000 – 2020s pop, rock, and occasionally dubstep and dance hall music. The classic choreographed songs (Cha-Cha Slide, The Cupid Shuffle, the Wobble etc.) were quick to get everyone back on their feet and standing shoulder to shoulder sharing in the experience with one another.

When it was time for the Snow Ball to wrap up for the night around midnight, the music died down, and tired-out students shuffled back upstairs to get ready for rest, the Student Activities Board, The Student Senate, with assistance from the Trojan Center Attendant – quick work was made of the clean up and dismantling.

The Trojan Center is home to several, completely open-to-attend events regularly hosted by both groups, check the schedule board on the wall in the Student Activities Center to find more upcoming events!