For those of you not from around here, I feel as though this is worth mentioning…

We don’t normally get blizzards in April.

In fact, the last time we had this much snow on any given mid-April day was in 1983 with 10.5 inches. April 1983 also previously held the record for the most snowfall from April 1st to April 30th with 18.4 inches. Of course with the recent storm, this record was shattered with 13.5 inches in one day and 24 inches for the month of April, and the month isn’t even over yet.


A picture of the Courtyard after the snow storm hit and after it was over

The recent April shower, besides guaranteeing late May flowers, has set back a number of activities around campus and southwestern South Dakota. Some towns, including Sioux Falls, had to shut down their roads, schools, and interstates.

However, some students didn’t really pay any attention to records and traffic halts, they just got angry when their cars got stuck in strange places and they couldn’t partake in the kickball tournament.

The bright side is we can now appreciate 40 °F days so much more now, as though we weren’t supposed to have days like this in the first place. And we can all hope that the snow is done for the season.