Trolley's by Tiffany Sommer

Ice cream, candies, puddings and pies: Madison has never been a town particularly well known for its desserts. However, all that is set to change with the introduction of Trolley’s – Lake County’s gift to sweet-toothed individuals everywhere!

Operating out of South Egan Avenue, near China Moon, Skippers and many other popular eateries – Trolley’s is a “homemade chocolate shop, old fashion ice cream parlor, coffee & Sunday Brunch” diner, as described on

That all sounds cool and everything but the description just falls short of making the establishment stand out.
So what does make Trolley special you? First of all, the quality of food!

Saying that something was ‘made with love’ is a bit of a cliché these days. But that’s about the best way to describe how every confectionary is made at Trolley’s. Customers can often walk in on the owner and her wait staff painstakingly toiling over the latest batch of chocolates. The aroma itself is enough to make one’s mouth water. Despite working so hard, the staff always finds time to smile and chat with every customer, setting up a very, very homey mood.

Couple the general friendliness of everyone there with a retro aesthetics and you have all the ingredients for the perfect hang out spot. However, do not let the 50s aesthetics fool you. The place has free Wi-Fi!

I am getting ahead of myself. I can’t believe I haven’t even discussed the main attraction of Trolley’s – the Ice Creams!
Featuring a wide variety of exquisite Blueberry brand flavors on rotation, Trolley’s offers generous portions of frozen goodness, down to their lowest serving size. Even a small Ice cream will have you reasonably filled. And if just Ice-cream isn’t your thing, do not worry! Trolley’s makes excellent, milkshakes as well! Cherry Nut, Birthday-cake, Orange sherbet are just some of the delicious tastes you’ll encounter at this joint.

Now the cynical reader is already shaking his head. Service this good and food this amazing must be quite expensive. While that is true for some of the more unique confectionaries and cakes, Trolley’s, by far, offers the lowest prices for Ice Cream in town.

For between 2-3 dollars you can get a tall glass, overflowing with Ice Cream – roughly the same amount as a large Blizzard from Dairy Queen. And that’s just their smallest serving size. This reporter has yet to actually finish their largest serving. *Hint: It’s quite large!

The cherry on the cake is their Blueberry Rewards card which promises that every 11th Ice-Cream you have at Trolley’s is on the house! The staff are also extremely generous about putting the fair amount of marks on your loyalty card, even taking into account all the times you forget to bring your card along.

Creating a friendly welcoming environment for DSU students is one of the goals of Trolley’s owner. And if generous serving sizes, reasonable pricing, excellent décor and a friendly staff aren’t enough to lure you in, might I remind you about the free Wi-Fi? Yep, say hello to your new dining/gaming destination!

*Note: The Trojan Times is not responsible for any distress or allergic reactions you may have to food items described in this article. Always check what goes into your food if you have medical, dietary or religious restrictions on what you can eat.