Every year around this time, DSU Theater usually hosts a haunted house full of thrills and scares. However, this year resulted in a change of plans and instead, the Zombie Disco was created and put together within a week to match the would-be opening of the haunted house, the party of the semester came into fruition just in time, and as Halloween rolled around, the Disco became a true night to dismember.

For DSU Theater, the days before Halloweekend are usually spent putting the finishing touches on their annual Haunted House. This year though, that didn’t happen. According to Theater President Kenny Olson, he had to cancel the event. “There were a lot of concerns with the Haunted House being safe. Safety is our number one concern…We wouldn’t have been able to fix everything in time for opening night.” The haunted house had not been up to fire code, and due to the lack of volunteers involved, the group did not have enough time or resources to fix everything that needed to be fixed and still be ready in time for opening night.

Instead, they decided to throw the dance of the year. “We have a lot of costumes and props from the Haunted House so we’re going to bring that down to the [TC] Underground as decorations. We want it to be different from any other dance [that DSU has had].” According to Olson, DSU Theater wanted to make the atmosphere a more college-like environment.

“We really just want people to show up. I hope we get some sort of turn out and people want to come. We want people to think that DSU Theater can throw a party. We just want to get our name out there.”

As for the Disco, it was an interesting night. It was quiet for the first few hours as people were celebrating Halloween in their own ways. It wasn’t until 9:30 pm that more people showed up, dancing, talking, and having a good time. While some people were getting their face painted by Megan Zephier, others were playing “Beer pong”, which was the non-alcoholic version due to the dry campus rules.

The music for the night was mediocre, making it hard for people to dance to, but when the DJ put on the “Cha Cha Slide”, people really started moving, having fun and dancing to the song’s instructions.

According to student Alexis Hanson, “The turnout was what was expected of a small college. It was fun to joke and dance with my friends, but without them, I think it might’ve been awkward.”