A Hypnotizing Performance

After the Homecoming King and Queen were announced, hypnotist Chris Jones treated the audience to a special performance.  This was Chris Jones’ second appearance at Dakota State University. He also performed here last spring.  While his show last March was in the TC Underground, this time he was featured at the Dakota Prairie Playhouse auditorium. The switch to a significantly larger venue was ideal for such an entertaining performer.  DSU students came to the show in droves! It was easily one of the most packed events at DSU in quite a long time.

Chris broke the ice with some warm-up jokes for the audience.  After about 15 minutes of laughs, the real show began.  After having the entire crowd do a relaxation exercise, 15 members of the audience unwittingly became the focal point of the show.  When asked to stand up only about 15 members of the audience stood up. They having fallen prey to Chris’s hypnosis instantly became the stars of the show.  What followed was an hour and a half of Chris and the audience giving the hypnotized students scenarios and suggestions to act out. 

Some of the highlights included having the students think they were in a game of Halo, making the male students slow dancing together, turning students into zombies, making students think they were on a roller coaster with no seat belts, and having a party that just got busted by the police.  Two students were even asked to do a pretty spot on impression of comedian Kevin Hart.  Chris also played several dance songs for the hypnotized students from which resulted an impromptu Harlem Shake video being made with the help of the entire audience. There was so much going on that it is almost impossible to detail everything that happened. If you know someone who was at the show, be sure to ask them how it was and be ready to laugh at the ridiculousness that will ensue.

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