Comedian Adam Grabowski Performs to Lukewarm Reception

Comedian Adam Grabowski hit the Underground Stage last Wednesday night (October 3) in an attempt to warm the chilly October air of DSU with laughter. His wholesome Midwestern appearance somewhat clashed with his mildly raunchy jokes, and his situational humor didn’t quite resonate with the DSU atmosphere. Try as he might, and some of his jokes were side splitting, the crickets were louder than the crowd on several occasions.

He did have many age appropriate jokes, including the bulk of his segment which focused on popular music and “ruining our childhoods” by forcing us to admit that The Little Mermaid sent a horrible message to girls, and the “Magic Carpet Ride” song form Aladdin was about riding something else entirely. He even brought a few gamer jokes with him, poking fun at my favorite childhood game, Pokémon. He also brought visual aids with him for his performance with a statistics presentation.

On multiple occasions, the comedian had to stop his performance and yell at the audience “these are jokes,” “this is funny,” and “it is okay to laugh.” This helped the audience loosen up and enjoy his show more. Of course, as some of us realize, we do have a mostly mild mannered student population, and if Adam Grabowski chooses to come back to DSU, I hope he brings a few more interactive techniques, or ice breaker material to get the crowd confident enough to fully enjoy his loud personality.

To check out all the Funny Adam has to offer, check out his website at

It is inevitable for stand-up comedy to not translate well into photos. In an attempt to counteract this, here is a graph documenting Carly Rae Jepsen’s guilty pleasure hit “Call Me Maybe.”

Photos taken by Tiffany Sommer

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