Japanese World Language Club Movie Night

On Mon, Mar 18, Japanese World Language Club and Anime Club hosted
a Movie Night in the TC Underground. Over a dozen students attended to watch Akira. The 1988 Japanese
film expanded the growth of anime in the western world, so it was the obvious
choice for the event. 

Besides showing a great movie, the club also provided samplers of Japanese cuisine for those who attended for exposure to more of the Japanese culture. “The best way to learn a language is to go through the stories and the culture around a language,” explains World Language Club member Aric Cordell. The club approached language-learning in a less isolated manner and tries to understand the culture integrated within a language, which becomes more apparent when one is exposed to cultural artifacts like film and food. The club hopes to host more movie and cuisine nights in the future.

World Language Club has more branches than just Japanese. Head of
Japanese section of the club, Andy Honey, shared, “[World Language
Club] is a collection of smaller clubs put into one major club for all
different languages.” The major language club
sections include Lakota, Korean, Japanese, and German, but many other
languages have sections as well.

World Language Club is a great place for anyone who wants not only
to learn more about a language, but also the culture that encompasses it. But
even if learning a language isn’t the motive, students can come to World
Language club events to enjoy good movies and yummy food. 

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