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Sunny Side Up

“Hi Doctor, I’m concerned about my roommate Kaylee and I need a professional opinion.”

“What seems to be the problem?”

“Well, for starters, she’s been talking in her sleep. A lot.”

“What sort of things does she say?”

“She mumbles things like ‘buckle down,’ ‘get ahead,’ and ‘burn the candle at both ends.’”

“Sounds like a bad case of Academia. Has she been studying hard?”

“That’s the strange thing. Normally she’s a straight-A student, but lately she has hardly studied at all.”

“Ahh. Tell me more. What else is different?”

“Normally she likes her professors, but lately she’s been ranting about the smallest things they do that bug her. She’s getting paranoid that they are giving her extra work because they hate her. She wants to change her major – I thought she loved her major – from Computer Science to Zoology!”

“There’s nothing wrong with that; does she like animals?”

“No, she hates them! That’s what worries me!”

“Tell me, does she look normal?”

“Well, kind of. Her eyes have this glazed, daydreamy look in them – usually when she’s talking about travel. She keeps saying she wants to go to Antarctica or Australia…places she never wanted to see before. She laughs hysterically whenever I mention the words ‘class’, ‘degree’, or ‘study.’ And – she’s been saving pins on Pinterest of camping trailers, tiny houses, and nomadic yurts.”

“I know exactly what’s wrong.”

“Is she going to live?”

“Rest easy, your roommate Kaylee is fine. She has a severe case of Midsemesteradragoria –It’s not completely curable, but we can treat it.”

“What on earth is that?”

“It’s commonly referred to as the mid-semester drag. Make sure Kaylee gets plenty of fruits and vegetables, enough sleep, and some sunshine. In a couple weeks, she’ll be back to normal – and she’ll probably even like her major again.”

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