Happy Valentine’s Day to my dear love true –  

I have an extra special DSU day planned for you.  

Surprise! Here’s some flowers – I got a good deal 

at the annual Trojan Zone Valentine’s sale. 

For our elegant dinner, I want you to choose:  

On second thought, sweetie, let’s just drive through DQ.  

Forgive me, baby, I don’t have much money,  

but I promise I’ll win for you tonight in Esports, honey.   

Want a good time? We can go for a stroll 

on the snowy sidewalks – just don’t slip and fall! 

Afterwards we can recover from our lovely long day  

with some cheap hot cocoa provided by my RA.  

Believe me, darling, I love you so  

But I have 8am class tomorrow so I better go.