Trojan Center Remodeling Concept revealed to public

Talks about remodeling the Trojan Center, the heart of DSU’s student committee have been thrown around for quite a while now. But those talks are no longer mere rumors.

Students woke up today to find concepts of a shiny, new, renovated TC hanging all over campus. Some of the major proposed changes include the construction of a brand new student lounge/gaming area, relocation of several offices, renovation of the bookstore, a dedicated space for student organizations, unreserved student team rooms and several modifications to the exterior of the building.

A 25% increase in usable space for students is the net result of these proposed plans.

Right now, a lot of these changes are still in the concept stage and it remains to be seen just how many of them make it into the final version. But it can be said, without contention, that the proposed TC renovations bring with it some welcome changes. Those of us fortunate enough to see the new building will definitely be very appreciative of it.

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