Top 5 Best Places to Hangout at DSU

There are tons of great hangout spots all over Dakota State University’s campus. With a wide variety of different spaces that present themselves as unique and enjoyable, there is literally a spot on campus for everybody and everything.  Here are the 5 Best Places to Hangout at DSU:

5. Karl Mundt Library

There are many things that make the Karl Mundt Library a great place to hangout. From the swanky furniture to the books organized by Dewy Decimal himself, you know your in good company once you cross the threshold of those seemingly magical glass doors. If you actually need to concentrate and do your homework like a real college student, Karl Mundt has your back. With three floors of all you can learn fun, you can’t go wrong if you wander in with your satchel and find an isolated corner that you like. There are even rumors of a shrine at the back of the library where a group of skilled tutors have been known to congregate. If it’s the night before the big assignment is due and it seems like the world has you down, Karl Mundt will always be there for you. That is unless it’s a Saturday. Karl Mundt doesn’t do Saturdays.

4. The Underground

The Underground functions a lot like the cave from The Dead Poets Society. If you feel like getting up on a stage and reciting a little “O Captain! My Captain!” by Walt Whitman, the cavernous area will more than accommodate your needs. The stage in The Underground is home to many of the DSU Live events that take place on campus. From themed dances to poetic slams, it is a place where you can ditch your suit and cut loose. Being a predominantly nocturnal center of events, The Underground is pretty mellow during the day. Students looking for a quieter place to eat lunch, meet with a group, or just get some homework done will appreciate the solitude offered. The enormously open space is populated by a large selection of enticing furniture options that have been provided for your comfort and convenience. Did we mention the piano that is just sitting there begging for the next Ray Charles to loosen up its keys and play a selection?

3. Einstein Bro’s Bagels

If you are looking for a more refined and intimate space to sip coffee and converse while you masticate on fine bagels like members of high society, Einstein Bro’s Bagels is the perfect destination. The limited seating available in the area only allows for a privileged few to hang at the center of hipness on campus and exclusively bask in the smell of fresh brew and toasted bagels. The good thing for the less privileged is that coffee and bagels are high mobility food and drink.  It’s easy enough to take your fine dinning elsewhere on campus and make a fashion statement with your matching Einstein Bro’s bagel purse and coffee cup. If you live on campus, remember to do yourself a favor tomorrow when you wake up and grab a bagel and coffee from the nice folks at Einstein Bro’s Bagels.

2. TC Marketplace

The TC Marketplace is hands down one of the most alive places on campus. It sits at the heart of DSU and students stream in and out of it like blood cells to the other vital organs around DSU. At all hours of the day and night, the Marketplace is populated by different groups of students doing all sorts of various activities. The most common practice among students in the Marketplace is the chowing down of all you can eat foods. If you want peace and quiet, this is definitely not the place you want to go to try and study. From the dull roar of students at lunch time to the rotating group of DJ’s that provide music, the Marketplace is always vibrating with different and interesting sounds. It’s been said that all the paths at DSU eventually travel through the TC Marketplace.

1. Spectrum Lounge

Not just a mere offshoot of the TC Marketplace and Bookstore, the Spectrum Lounge is an entirely unique space of its own. The seating is limited but the location is prime real estate for clubs and organizations to promote themselves on campus. Being outside of the Marketplace, the sound level of the Spectrum is toned down significantly. With a quieter atmosphere and a big screen mini theater, it is a great place to hangout and relax between classes. The coup de grace of the Spectrum’s awesomeness is its completely free game room complete with pool tables, ping-pong and video games. Like the name suggests, the Spectrum has a bit of everything and is centrally located among the other great hangouts around DSU. The Spectrum Lounge is among the chillest of the chill spots on campus.

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