Weezer and Panic! at the Disco coming to SD

Fans of the bands Weezer and or Panic! At The Disco, may have already been overjoyed to discover that both of them are coming to South Dakota on tour this summer. Whether you haven’t heard yet or are simply looking for more details, this is the information you need to know. Both Panic! At The Disco and Weezer will be coming to the Badlands Motor Speedway in Brandon, SD on July 22 to promote Panic’s recently released album, ‘Death of a Bachelor’ and Weezer’s upcoming self-titled album which will be releasing on April 1. General admission is $50 and VIP tickets are $100. These can be purchased on the website Ticket Fly.

I’m sure many of you are wondering, why exactly would two bands as well known and popular as these be coming to South Dakota? This is a place where, for the most part, the only concerts we’re able to see are those revolving around the country genre or outdated rock bands from the 1980s. This is a question I too asked. So I set out to find an answer. After sending off countless messages to the venue itself, those in charge of the event, and even those in charge of both band’s touring activities, I received almost nothing to go off of or simply no reply at all. It was worth a try at least.

This does still pose an interesting question though, especially for those dedicated fans of the alternative genre. Both twenty one pilots, growing ever more popular, especially after their release of their album ‘Blurryfaceand Echosmith with their hit song ‘Cool Kids’ played in Sioux Falls this previous October, and now Panic! and Weezer are gracing us with their presence this July. Does this mean that alternative fans will see even more of their favorite bands coming to South Dakota in the near future? Will South Dakota become a regular touring stop for bands such as these? For the time being, keep your fingers crossed and stay hopeful.

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