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When the forecasted high temperature for the week is barely above freezing, it takes a little extra effort to find the good in each day. The cold seems to suck the life and joy out of everything. But, regardless of whether every winter you have experienced has chilled you to your bones, or if this is your first truly snowy season ever, there are a few hidden treasures in the treachery of the two-dog night.

1. Warm beverages are so much better in the cold
Has a steaming white chocolate mocha ever been so delightful as when it’s the warmth trickling into your very soul? How about that chai latte or hot cocoa? The frigid air makes you appreciate hot treats all the more.

2. Everything is so quiet
Next time you step outside, once you recover from the air being sucked from your lungs and the frost stinging your cheeks, take a moment to notice the stillness. Mother Earth dreams peacefully under her cushion of chilled air. Let her rest reach you.

3. You have an excuse to not leave your house
Temperatures too low to walk anywhere, cars that won’t start, and dangerously icy roads are all valid excuses for staying wrapped up in a quilt at home watching Netflix rather than going out. “You’re welcome,” says Winter.

4. Winter accessories are comfy and cute
Bad hair day? Nobody knows because it’s all tucked under that knit hat with the fuzzy pom-pom. Haven’t gotten a pedicure since summer? We don’t have a clue what’s under those thick socks and insulated boots. You basically traded in a tedious self-care routine for a cozy and flattering wardrobe.

5. Layers and layers of blankets in bed
Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, feels better than climbing into bed after a long day in the cold and slipping under four snuggly blankets. It’s like you have your own cocoon keeping you safe from the harsh world. Be warm, little caterpillar.

6. You always have a conversation starter
Do you have to talk to someone, but you’re not sure what to say? Hollering, “It’s cold!” is sure to be an icebreaker between the two of you. If there’s anything we all can relate to around here, it’s the hardship of the frosty weather.

So bundle up, grab a warm drink, do what you have to do, and take some time for yourself just to chill. And hey, if all else fails, hibernation is also a thing.

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