DSU students returning from Christmas break were greeted with a surprising change. Construction workers were remodeling the seating area between the Trojan Zone and the Queue, adding new tables and chairs, different seating arrangements, and new counters and walls erected. The changes have prompted a lot of discussion across campus. 

Some Trojans feel positive about the changes. Abbie Pillen, a freshman in the sound design program, noted the change in the atmosphere. “Before it didn’t feel as sociable, it felt like you were only here to eat. Now I feel like I can be here for hours.”

“There’s a lot more seating, and they put it up really quickly,” Brandon Daniels, a senior in the biology program, commented. “A lot more places to eat. The one gripe I would have with it is that the couches are really uncomfortable.” Michael Hybertson, a senior majoring in business, pointed out that the area is more organized since the changes. “I like it. It gets people out here,” he said.  

Others are less enthusiastic about the changes. A student in the cyber operations program who preferred to remain anonymous mentioned that he constantly runs into people and believes the renovations are “a waste of student money.” Another cyber operations major, Briannah McDaniel, shared that she misses the comfortable chairs. “It feels more crowded…the other way…felt more open,” McDaniel stated. Another student mentioned that despite the changes, there is still a lack of table space.

The question being asked the most is, what was the purpose behind the changes? Students are curious to know who designed the changes and how they chose the new furniture. Some speculate that the renovations are merely aesthetic, whereas others believe they were supposed to create a better traffic flow.

The arrangement poses some difficulties for ordering at the Queue. The long single line tends to block the microwave and condiment area. If students stand while waiting for their food, there is not a lot of room for people walking through, which causes a lot of near-collisions.

The news is not all bad, though. Workers in the Queue mentioned that they like the color that the walls and paint bring to the area; they also appreciate the cosmetic appeal.

 Junior Casey Te Grotenhuis says he enjoys the mixed opinions regarding the new set-up. “It brings chaos into the world a little bit more. It makes everything less boring.” For Dakota State, this summary seems fitting. DSU’s unique, diverse group of talented students might enjoy having a space to gather that is a little quirky.