CAC Hosts Testicle Festival at DSU!

By Melissa jean

During the week of February 14, Colleges Against Cancer (CAC) held various events in order to raise awareness about testicular cancer and referred to the weeklong festivities as “Testicle Festival.”

To start off the week, students belonging to CAC set up a table near the Marketplace over lunch on Monday and Tuesday. This table displayed pamphlets and bags of peanuts that contained facts about the cancer.

The Great Ballway Run took place over lunch on Wednesday. The Air National Guard lent a hand and a couple of huge hamster balls that students took turns rolling down the TC’s Marketplace. In order to make this happen, the doors leading in and out of the main congregating area were barricaded on top of the freestanding tables and chairs being moved to the south side of the walkway. Many students attempted to race down and back the length of the makeshift racetrack in the least amount of time, but only one student was able to make it in just over 11 seconds and that was Jeffery Airheart. Another sponsor of this particular event was Aramark. To show their support throughout the week, Aramark baked ribbon-shaped cookies and used the appropriate orchid color, representative of testicular cancer, for the frosting.

CAC’s main event, their “Top Jewels” Dodgeball Tournament, was conducted on Thursday evening.  The the night was full of competition and fun with the three top placing teams are as follows:

1st Place Team: Roll Tide, which consisted Captain Dax Thompson; Dylan VandeGarde; Craig Hertz; Paul Bagala; Marty Fiedler; Jeff Trapp.

Dodge Ball Champions included team Roll Tide with the golden protective trophy! Photo by: Bryce Nussbaum

2nd Place Team: MLB All-Stars with Carl Curtis as captain; Marshall Doeden; Brandon Large; Stacey Berg; Wes Dauz; Bryce Logan; Dylan Jones.

MLB All-Star team members with their jeweled 2nd place trophy. Photo by: Bryce Nussbaum

3rd Place Team: Good Palpations with Captain Jon Lane; Chris Lather; John Niesen; Chris Heinemann; Jared Runge; Jake Killoran; Tyler Leisinger.

The Good Palpations finished in 3rd overall. Photo by: Bryce Nussbaum

To end the week of events, the Women’s and Men’s Basketball teams helped to sponsor “Think Pink” and “Blue Crew” nights. On Friday night, the Lady T’s and CAC asked the spectators to dress in pink to show support while each female player played for someone they know with cancer. The same ordeal took place during the men’s game on Saturday except the color scheme was blue and it was called “Blue Crew” night. The people the basketball players played for were displayed on posters in the gymnasium.

If you have any questions about Colleges Against Cancer or would like to get involved, please email  Ashley Place at [email protected]  for more information.

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  1. The Testicle Festival sounds like an awesome event and I am so glad to see testicular cancer awareness at the college level. More young men need to be aware of testicular cancer and the need to seek their doctor quickly when they do notice something wrong.

    Please keep up the great work.

    Mike Craycraft
    Testicular Cancer Society

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