Don’t Shoot The Messenger: An Insane Roommate

Photo by Andrew Koerner

Messenger 17a

Shiki just burst into the room, yelling and clutching her shoulder, which was bleeding everywhere. I couldn’t make out what exactly she was screaming about but I caught a lot of “I’ll kill her” and “bitch” and the like. I tried to talk her down but only managed to go “uh…uh…” a lot and she didn’t even seem to notice I was there. She’s shut herself in her room now. There’s a lot of noise and I’m pretty sure she’s in the middle of trashing it in her anger.

I honestly have no clue what to do at this point. I feel like I should go and try to calm her down, but she also had a kitchen knife in her hand and was using it to punctuate her angry babbling pretty emphatically, so I’m also considering waiting until she calms down some more so the chance I’ll die is a bit less than 100%.

So yeah. It appears my roommate is literally batshit insane. So that’s great.

Messenger 17b

It was about an hour before Shiki finally calmed down. I knocked but didn’t get an answer. Called out, but she didn’t respond. Tried turning the handle but the door was locked. Heard her crying faintly, though, so at least she hasn’t killed herself or anything. No clue what I should do if that ends up happening. Hopefully she won’t, but apparently she’s pretty damn unstable and I’m not going to assume that it’s not a possibility.

I just kind of quietly withdrew, giving her some time yet. I don’t know what exactly happened, but I think it’ll be best not to interfere.

-The Messenger-