Gallery: Football DSU vs Jamestown 2014

October 11, 2014 seemed to be the perfect afternoon for a football game. The weather was sunny and only slightly cool. Trojan Field was packed to the brim with fans and players supporting the fight against breast cancer. Going into this game the Trojans were 3-3, a solid record, but this game would have a strong impact on if the Trojans would push themselves over the .500 mark.

Being a breast cancer awareness game, members of the team had placed different posters along the outside of the field to show support for their own friends and family. A majority of the team was wearing something pink and even the cheerleaders were dressed up in black with large pink ribbons on their backs to show their support.

The game started off poorly for the Trojans. With the Jimmies taking the lead early, the first quarter ended 0-10 in Jamestown’s favor.

At half-time, the score was 3-10. After only managing to add a field goal to their score in the second quarter, the Trojans needed to keep playing catch up with Jamestown in order to win.

The third quarter ended 15-27 still in favor of Jamestown. The gap that Jamestown had established in the first half was slowly growing and the Trojans were still not playing well enough to bridge it.

The game ended 29-37. In the final quarter, the Trojans play hard to come back within one point but ultimately they fail to overcome the adversity the faced.

This loss put the Trojans to an unimpressive 3-4 record. Even at 3-4, it has still been one of the better seasons for the Trojans. DSU still has at least 2 more games to play before the end of the season. If the Trojans can manage to win both of these games, they can end the season with an above .500 record. That would be a great improvement over their performance the last couple of years.

Make sure to cheer on the Trojans for their final home game on October 25th at 1pm.

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